16 Best Keyboard Shortcuts

16 Best Keyboard Shortcuts

Nowadays, computers are everywhere! And knowledge of using them is assumed an essential thing for a person. And, keyboard is the most important part of a computer. Even more important than a mouse. You can do all the work using the keyboard, without even touching the mouse on your right side.

Because, you can operate computer faster via keyboard than mouse. But, it seems impossible. So, today I’m going to tell you few of the best keyboard shortcuts. They’ll definitely make you a better user of computers.Here I’ve arranged all the shortcuts as below. So, it will be easier for you to get about the keyboard shortcuts. Let’s go.

16 BestKeyboard Shortcuts
Here’s thebest keyboard shortcuts that every user must know. They help in operating the PC in muchfaster way. So, Just take out your pen and paper andtry them right now. You’ll need to give yourself little time to be habitual to them.
1.Win+B——–Takes you to the notification area.
2.Win+Tab——–Shows you overview of the on-screen tasks
3.Win+Home——–Minimizes all programs except current the window.
4.Alt+Esc——–Switches windows in the order they were opened
5.Ctrl+Shift+Esc——–Opens the task manager directly.
6.Ctrl+Shift+N——–Creates a new folder
7.Alt+Enter——–Opens the file properties so you can view file information.
8.Ctrl+Esc——–Used to open the start menu (Replacement of Windows key)
9.ALT+F4——–Quit program
10.SHIFT+DELETE——–Delete item permanently (No recycle bin)
11.Windows Logo+L——–Lock the computer
12.Alt+Space+c——–Similar to Alt+F4
13.CTRL +W——–Close tabs in browser and text editors.
14.CTRL + T——–Open tabs / New file option in text editors
15.CTRL + TAB——–Switch b/w open tabs within a program
16.CTRL + SHIFT + T——–Open recently closed tabs

Although, There are many Other Keyboard shortcuts out there. But, Most of them are like—Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V. So, You must have heard about them. If you think I’ve missed any of the important keyboard shortcut in the list. OK, I will add and use them.

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