4 Tips to Improve Battery Life

4 Tips to Improve Battery Life

Today we talk the most important problem of today’s generation phones battery life. Nowadays phone has become our necessary for surviving in the worl`d because today we can do anything by using phone. But the only problem we face while using mobile is the battery life of phone. Phones have come back an extended method in terms of design, camera, or perhaps processing power. However, we’ve got not seen a lot of breakthroughs once it comes to battery technology. While a number of phone makers offer “Fast charging” and “Power modes” to deal with the situation, a concrete solution is still nowhere to be seen.

So here attached the four tips to improve battery life

  1.    Turn down the brightness and turn off Automatic Brightness

Auto brightness is feature of phone in which phone automatically adjust the brightness of screen by using sensors. These sensors sense the surrounding area according to that it will do there work.

2.       Switch off GPS whenever its not necessary

GPS is the features which is used to track yourself. This is most helpful feature. Nowadays there are so many applications which are using this feature. To get your location. GPS consumes high amount of battery because if you connect GPS your phone will connect to satellites. This is the reason you should switch on this feature whenever its require.

3.      Keep the screen timeout short

Under your phone’s display settings menu, you should find an option labeled ‘Screen Timeout‘. This setting controls how long your phone’s screen stays lit after receiving input, such as a tap. Every second counts here, so set your timeout to the shortest available time.

4.     Use extra power saving mode

Extra power saving mode this is new feature of phone. Almost every phone has this feature. If your phone is not having this feature you can download application from Play store. This feature will manage your usage off all the unnecessary features


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