5 mistakes to drain the phone’s battery

5 mistakes to drain the phone’s battery

Regardless of the satisfaction with the hightech feature of every user using phone, no matter how satisfied the phone battery life is. The reason is clear that the battery of the phone for a long time or say that it is difficult to run just throughout the day.

You do not even have these 5 mistakes to drain the phone’s battery

1.Keeping the phone’s brightness more

More phone users keep the brightness of their phone at 80 percent or above, due to which the battery of their phone responds very quickly. The best way is to keep your phone’s brightness around 50% or set it to auto brightness mode. This will cost less of your phone’s battery and you will not have to worry about it.

2.Keeping less used and unnecessary app

Usually, many phone users keep many such apps in their phones that are not very useful or are unnecessary. Whether you use them or not, but all such apps keep the phone’s battery in the background. That’s why you need to uninstall all such free apps immediately. This will increase your phone’s battery life several times.

3.Use Live Wallpaper

If you also use live wallpaper in your phone then know that the phone’s battery life will never be good enough. If a live wallpaper is removed and a static wallpaper is installed, the battery life of the phone will increase.

4.Keep on Bluetooth, WiFi

Many people, especially college students, keep Bluetooth or WiFi all the time in their phones at all times. The battery consumption of the phone is higher than usual. 5.Always put the phone in vibration mode

If you too keep your phone in vibration mode most of the time then your phone will spend a lot of battery. Therefore, whenever the phone’s battery is low, remove the phone from the vibration mode; this will allow less battery to last longer.

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