Hack dead laptop battery

Hack dead laptop battery

As far as we know, the new 6 cells laptop battery die after 600-800 charging and discharging circles. Then we spend $80 or more to buy a replacement.Its too expensive, and these dead laptop batteries can pollute our environment if we dropped them random. Now I see a video about “hack dead laptop battery”. Let me introduce the “hack laptop battery ” for you.

Generally, our “dead laptop battery” is the laptop battery that cant work or cant supply any power. Most “dead laptop battery” are only power exhasut battery but not broken battery. Most accessories of these batteries are good, we can replace the battery cells to hack our laptop battery.

First you must prepaire some tools as multimeter, electric welding tool, tin stick, 6 new cells, wire and so on. Then you can hack dead laptop battery yourself following these steps:

First take the dead laptop battery out of your laptop.
Then take the battery apart.
You will see 6 cells connected by wire. Carefully examine every cells by a multimeter to ensure the cells are powerless.
Use a electric welding tool to separate cells from wires. Then take them out of battery shell.
Then welding the new cells together by consulting the dead cells combination and blueprint.
Put the new cells into battery pack and connect the wires and cells.
In the end put the two peices of battery back together. Cool down it for about 48 hours.
Now hack dead laptop battery complete. You will found that the new battery works again.
Also some strange shape batteries like thinkpad T61 battery and inspiron 6400 battery are the unsuitable hack example.

Please note that: do everything carefully, as the cells can explode if you strike it hard or the cell is too hot when you weld them. In all if you are a DIY expert, dont try to hack dead laptop battery, buy a new one is the best choice. hp HSTNN-FB21 battery hp HSTNN-IB04 battery hp HSTNN-IB09 battery hp HSTNN-IB20 battery

There,are other models that can be found ,so don’t worry about the battery being out of power.

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