1. Don’t rush to charge your laptop after you buy it. First of all, the original battery of the new battery should be used up and then charged. The specific method is to use the battery alone without AC external power supply. Complete the discharge operation according to the following steps (indicated by wIndows xP): Click on the Control Panel – Performance and Maintenance – Power Control – An alarm will be cancelled. When the power shortage alarm is cancelled, when the critical power shortage alarm is reached (1 – 2% alarm is set), it will be considered as fully discharged and shut down (beRead More →

​1.    This will make the all-in-one machine less problematic, replaceable battery is easily replaced by bad businesses. Not the original battery is more likely to damage the phone. There are many problems that lead to warranty, but also for let the user use the battery to cause harm to his mobile phone while using. Extend the life of your phone. 2.    This design also makes the mobile phone body look more beautiful, can well enhance the machine’s Integrity and feel, giving users a better experience. 3.    Will not restart because of the loose contact of the battery The mobile phone can replace the battery. When we frequentlyRead More →

Sometimes the computer doesn’t sound when we don’t know what the problem is. Then for many people who don’t understand this knowledge, it may be that the computer is broken and needs to be repaired. In fact, the computer suddenly has no sound and there are other reasons. . Therefore, for the problem, the right medicine.    check the sound card, cable, and speakers and other equipment is connected properly; run antivirus software for antivirus; 2.      Right click on “My Computer” – “Properties” – “Hardware” – “Device Manager”. Open the “Sound, Video and Game Controllers” with or without problems. No yellow “?” appears.Read More →

The importance of mobile phones no longer needs to be emphasized repeatedly. In a word, mobile phones occupy an important position in our lives, work, and entertainment. However, when people use them daily, many problems still arise. Today, we must say that we are using mobile phones. How do we fix after the black screen and how do we prevent black screens? When a mobile phone has a black screen, it may be a problem of the mobile phone itself, or it may be artificial. Generally, people who do not have this knowledge or experience may directly get a mobile phone repair shop to repair.Read More →

1.   Modern smart phones use lithium polymer batteries, there is no memory effect, so absolutely do not need to charge and discharge each time. 2.   Since the battery has a calculated chip power, a full recharge should be done every month for calibration purposes. 3.   Ensure that the original mobile phone charger is used for charging. 4.   There are also power-saving techniques to turn off the use of Wi-Fi and data traffic when not using the phone. 5.   Avoid using the phone at too high or low temperatures. Try not to let him work at more than 35 degrees. In particular, do not charge inRead More →

The purchase of laptop batteries directly affects the usage time and battery life of your computer. When purchasing selected batteries, the following points should be noted: 2 Laptop batteries are consumables, and as usage time increases, there will be a certain loss rate. Since the batteries are generally made by connecting 3.7V 18650 cells in parallel (to form 10.8V), according to the characteristics of the series, that is, the barrel short board effect – the battery capacity depends on the minimum capacity of the battery. And the battery protection circuit has a limited balance of power. When one of the three series batteries in the seriesRead More →

1. The battery is displayed on the computer, is charging, unplugged, and the notebook can stand for a few minutes and the battery is too low. So that the laptop battery circuit board is normally available, this is a laptop battery replacement and repair prerequisites. 2. The laptop battery is generally one-piece assembly, there is no screw, can not be easily opened, the general use of violent dismantling or splitting and other methods. Use saws as little as possible and it is easy to short circuit. Use a knife to gently swipe along the seal line. 3. Do not cut the circuit board directly afterRead More →

For serious photographers, every photograph needs to be late. The post-technology of the digital age is equivalent to the film era flush film. Different washing methods can make the photos from the same film appear to be very different, so the photographers in the film era are flushing the film by themselves. To ensure that you get the results you want. In the digital age, we used post-production software such as photoshop to replace and expand the film’s flushing process. Why can we allow flushing technology without tolerance for late-stage technology? Some people may say that the photos in the later period are not true. How can colors be soRead More →

Is the power in the computer important? 1: very important, of course, depends on your configuration 2: If your configuration is good, you need a good power to drive your CPU and other components, low voltage, unstable power will affect the performance of the computer 3: So, it is recommended to buy a good power supply. If the configuration is low, the requirement can be low, but a good power supply can extend the life of the computer. 4. Very important ~~ Poor power quality, resulting in crashes Hardware running unstable, short circuit, burned, etc. If the CPU is the human brain, then the powerRead More →

Computers are increasingly used as an important tool in our daily life and work. We often encounter one or the other problem. This issue is analyzed with the most common black screen phenomenon. That depends on the circumstances: 1.Move the mouse or press the keyboard to see if the screen is back to normal, because the black screen may be because the computer has set the energy-saving mode. After a certain period of time, the system will automatically enter the dormant state. 2. the black screen when watching a movie This is the state of the automatic shutdown (desktop – right – properties – screensaversRead More →