There are too many problems with the battery of Modern smartphones.Most of them drains too fast .Some fo them have other issues such as battery backup low ,battery not charging etc.Here we run you through some of the worst battery problems you might be having and pro vide solutions to help you fix them. Mobile Phone Battery Problem And Solution Problem 1 : Battery drains too fast Solution: Keep your apps updated There’s a reason developers constantly update apps,and most of the time it’s for memory or battery optimization.Keeping your apps updated also means you have the best optimiation avaliable .Likewise ,delete old apps youRead More →

Dirty headphones can be a pain for many. If your headphones are dirty, this can result in muffled sounds and can expose your ears to bacteria. Most headphones can be cleaned with either hydrogen peroxide or dish soap and water. If your headphones have detachable tips, remove them and clean them separately. Using Hydrogen Peroxide Some headphones have clear tips covering the ends of the buds. If there are clear tips on your headphones, remove them before cleaning your headphones. Wipe them down with a soft cloth with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and then set them aside to dry. Dislodge any obvious debris.Read More →

Here we introduce the most common keyboard shortcuts about Bose SoundLink Mini2. ★Power: Press to turn the speaker on or off. Press and hold to check the battery charge state When switching on for the first time Select language: Press the plus or minus key to scroll through the languages. If the correct language is mentioned, press and hold the multifunction key for a few seconds. Show / Announce Battery Status: Hold down the power button for a long time.   ★Multifunction: Controls music sources and speakerphone calls on your mobile device To skip to the next track: Briefly press the multifunction button twice inRead More →

“How do I extend the life of my laptop battery?” is a question we are frequently asked. It’s a valid question since laptop batteries are usually expensive to replace. Laptop batteries are usually made with Li-Ion batteries and the very nature of Li-Ion batteries is that they have about 300-500 charges and last at most about 4-5 years (shelf life). They also have a self-discharge rate of about 1% per day so you need to be sure to charge them at least every 6 months. 6 Tips of proper usage about laptop battery you should know: 1.Memory Effect The battery memory effect. In lithium-based batteries this isRead More →

There is nothing more annoying than a laptop that showing “Low Battery”. Usually it is not a hardware fault, but the weakening battery of the notebook. We have 10 tips on how to extend the life of your laptop while using the laptop.      1.Regular defragmentation Defragmenting helps your hard drive work faster, regular defragmentation can make the hard drive to maintain efficient state. The quicker the mocing hard drive works lesser is the load placed on the buttery.So ,your battery can last longer Low the screen brightness Most of the computer’s screen brightness can be adjusted, there are some can even reduce theRead More →

Your Laptop Battery Laptops tend to lose their charm quickly when you’re constantly looking for the nearest power outlet to charge up. How do you keep your battery going for as long as possible? Here are 15 easy ways to do so. Defrag regularly The faster your hard drive does its work – less demand you are going to put on the hard drive and your battery. Lower the brightness Your screen backlight uses a lot of battery juice,so turn it down to the lowest level you can handle. Turn off programs running in the background All these add to the CPU load and cutRead More →

Regardless of the satisfaction with the hightech feature of every user using phone, no matter how satisfied the phone battery life is. The reason is clear that the battery of the phone for a long time or say that it is difficult to run just throughout the day. You do not even have these 5 mistakes to drain the phone’s battery 1.Keeping the phone’s brightness more More phone users keep the brightness of their phone at 80 percent or above, due to which the battery of their phone responds very quickly. The best way is to keep your phone’s brightness around 50% or set itRead More →

Today we talk the most important problem of today’s generation phones battery life. Nowadays phone has become our necessary for surviving in the worl`d because today we can do anything by using phone. But the only problem we face while using mobile is the battery life of phone. Phones have come back an extended method in terms of design, camera, or perhaps processing power. However, we’ve got not seen a lot of breakthroughs once it comes to battery technology. While a number of phone makers offer “Fast charging” and “Power modes” to deal with the situation, a concrete solution is still nowhere to be seen.Read More →

Water  damaged,Here’s what to do. There is nothing to do when you dropped your smartphone into the water?Don’t worried , if you act fast you can save your water damaged phone in luck.Here we show you what you can do to get everything back. ■ First of all,Remove the phone from the water as quickly as possible. Turn off your device then dry it off with a clean cloth or towel first to assess the damage. Remove your SIM and micro SD cards from the slots. ■ Then,open up the back and remove the battery.Use a cloth dry your phone.Avoid shaking the device,because that couldRead More →

  Keyboard keys not working? You can usually replace the entire keyboard yourself for saving the money .The Operation isn’t as hard as you think ,removing your laptop’s keyboard usually involves simply unsnapping a cover,removing a few screws,and disconnecting a cable.Here we show you how this works. Fix a broken key A broken keyboard key can have many causes. In the best case,just a lot of dust collected under the button,which can be easily removed.If liquid causes the problems , can also be fixed with a little luck. Remove: Place your finger nail, small flat-head screwdriver, or knife under a corner of the key andRead More →