Charger Adapter and Cord for 19V 2.05A 40W AC Power Adapter for HP Compaq Mini 110c 110c-1030EQ 110c-1010SP

100-240V~1.5A(1.5A) 50/60Hz 19v 2.05A 40Watt for 19V 2.05A 40W AC Power Adapter for HP Compaq Mini 110c 110c-1030EQ 110c-1010SP Adapter Charger Power Cord Supply P-1300-04 496813-001

  •  Charger Adapter and Cord for 19V 2.05A 40W AC Power Adapter for HP Compaq Mini 110c 110c-1030EQ 110c-1010SP

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Additional Information

SKU GSB074/HP20723
Output 19v 2.05A 40Watt
Type AC Adapter
Brand For HP
Connector 4.0mm*1.7mm
Part Number 3942244-001 P-1300-04 496813-001 584540-001 613162-001
models Please make sure the DC output (19V 2.05A ) and Connector Size:4.0mm*1.7mm of ac adapter are accordant before you bid.

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HP 1010NR series
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210-1018 210-1018CL WH862UA 210-1041 210-1041NR WP055UA 210-1044 210-1044NR WK990UA 210-1050 210-1050CA WE821UA
210-1053 210-1053NR WH868UA 210-1060 210-1060CA WP053UA 210-1071 210-1071CA WP052UA 210-1073 210-1073NR WH865UA
210-1076 210-1076NR WK988UA 210-1079 210-1079NR WP057UA 210-1082 210-1082DX WK987UA 210-1083 210-1083NR WH866UA
210-1087 210-1087NR WH686UA 210-1093 210-1093NR WH867UA 210-1094 210-1094NR WK989UA 210-1095 210-1095CA WE822UA
210-1098 210-1098SE WK986UA 210-1099 210-1099SE WA551UA
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