Charger Adapter and Cord for Acer Aspire M5-481T-6831 S3-371-6663 4720 7551 5330-2339

100-240V 50-60Hz (for worldwide use) 19V 3.42A 65W for Acer Aspire M5-481T-6831 S3-371-6663 4720 7551 5330-2339 Adapter Charger Power Cord Supply 65W

  •  Charger Adapter and Cord for Acer Aspire M5-481T-6831 S3-371-6663 4720 7551 5330-2339

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  4. Battery can be used more than 500 times (charge and discharge)

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Additional Information

SKU GSB004/HI21356_3
Output 19V 3.42A 65W
Max Output Power 65W
Type AC Adapter
Brand For ACER
Connector 5.5mm*1.7mm with central pin inside
Part Number Outlet: 3-prong
PA-1700-02 PA-1600-07 SADP-65KB (REV.D) HP-OK066B13 API2AD02 PA-1650-02 AP.A1401.001 AP .0650A .001 AP .0650A .005 AP.06501.005 AP.T1902.001 LC.ADT01.007 LC.T2801.006 etc

Aspire 1400 series (AS1400LC AS1400XC AS1400XV)
Aspire 1410 series (AS1414WLCi)
Aspire 1500 Series (AS1501LCi AS1501LMi)
Aspire 1551 Series (AS1551-4650 AS1551-4755 AS1551-5448)
Aspire 1640 Series (AS1641LCi AS1641WLMi AS1642WLMi AS1644ZWLMi AS1640Z (AS1642XWLMi).)
Aspire 1650 Series (AS1652WLMi AS1654WLMi AS1652ZWLMi AS1654ZWLMi)
Aspire 1680 Series (AS1681LCi AS1681WLCi AS1681WLMi AS1684WLMi AS1685WLMi)
Aspire 1690 Series (AS1690WLCi AS1690LCi AS1690WLMi AS1691WLCi AS1691WLMi AS1692WLMi AS1694WLMi)
Aspire 1830 TimelineX Series: AS1830T-3505 AS1830T-3721 AS1830T-3927
Aspire 2000 Series (AS2001LCi AS2002LCi AS2002LMi AS2003LMi)
Aspire 2020 Series
Aspire 2420 Series
Aspire 2920 Series
Aspire 3030 Series
Aspire 3100 Series
Aspire 3200 Series
Aspire 3500 Series (AS3502LCi AS3502NLCi AS3502WLCi AS3503LCi AS3503WLCi)
Aspire 3510 Series
Aspire 3610 Series (AS3612LCi AS3613LCi AS3613WLCi AS3613WLMi)
Aspire 3620 Series (AS3623NWXMi AS3623WLCi AS3623WLMi AS3623WXCi AS3623WXMi AS3624WXCi AS3624WXMi)
Aspire 3630 Series (AS3634LMi AS3634WLMi)
Aspire 3650 Series
Aspire 3660 Series
Aspire 3670 Series
Aspire 3680 Series (AS3680-2108 AS3680-2233 AS3680-2301 AS3680-2513 AS3680-2626 AS3680-2974)
Aspire 3810 Timeline Series: AS3810TZ-4806 AS3810T-6376 AS3810T-8737
Aspire 3820 TimelineX Series: AS3820T-3051 AS3820T-5246
Aspire 4220 Series (4220G)
Aspire 4310/4315/4320 Series (AS4310 AS4315-2004 AS4315-2490 AS4315-2843 AS4315-2963 AS4320-2451)
Aspire 4520 Series (AS4520-5141 AS4520-5424 AS4520-5458 AS4520-5582 AS4520-5803 AS4520-5950)
Aspire 4551 Series (AS4551-2615 AS4551-4315)
Aspire 4730 Series (AS4730-4947)
Aspire 4710 Series (AS4710-2013) 4710Z
Aspire 4720 Series (AS4720-2013 AS4720-4199 AS4720-4538 AS4720-4721 AS4720-4825 AS4720-6748 4720Z)
Aspire 4810 Timeline Series (AS4810TZ-4508 AS4810T-8480)
Aspire 4810 Timeline Special Edition (AS4810TZ-4183)
Aspire 4810 TimelineX Series (AS4820TG-3195 AS4820T-3697 AS4820T-5570 AS4820TG-5637)
Aspire 4920 series (AS4930-6862)
Aspire 5000 Series (AS5001LCi AS5001LM AS5001WLMi AS5002LM AS5002LMi AS5002WLMi AS5003WLMi AS5004WLMi)
Aspire 5030 Series
Aspire 5050 Series (AS5050-3242 AS5050-3371 AS5050-3465 AS5050-3564 AS5050-5172 AS5050-5374 AS5050-5410 AS5050-5554 AS5050-5555 AS5050-5574 AS5050-5827 AS5050-5951)
Aspire 5100 Series (AS5100-3016 AS5100-3748 AS5100-3577 AS5100-3825 AS5100-5022 AS5100-5033 AS5100-3949 AS5101AWLMi AS5102WLMi (Model BL51) AS5103WLMi)
Aspire 5310 Series
Aspire 5315 Series (AS5315-2001 AS5315-2077 AS5315-2122 AS5315-2142 AS5315-2153 AS5315-2191 AS5315-2203 AS5315-2290 AS5315-2326 AS5315-2698 AS5315-2713 AS5315-2768 AS5315-2808 AS5315-2826 AS5315-2940 AS5315-2942)
Aspire 5334 series (AS5334-2153 AS5334-2581 AS5334-2598 AS5334-2737)
Aspire 5517 series (AS5517-1208 AS5517-1216 AS5517-1643 AS5517-5086 AS5517-5661 AS5517-5671 AS5517-5997)
Aspire 5532 series (AS5532-5509 AS5532-5535)
Aspire 5534 series (AS5534-1121)
Aspire 5538 series (AS5538-1096)
Aspire 5542 series (AS5542-1462)
Aspire 5551 series (AS5551-2013 AS5551-2036 AS5551-2380 AS5551-2805 AS5551-4200 AS5551-4937)
Aspire 5500 series (AS5502ZWXMi 5500Z)
Aspire 5510 Series
Aspire 5520 series (AS5520-5142 AS5520-5147 AS5520-5156 AS5520-5313 AS5520-5377 AS5520-5537 AS5520-5551 AS5520-5806 AS5520-5891 AS5520-5901 AS5520-5908 AS5520-5912
Aspire 5570 series (AS5570-2502 AS5570-2067 AS5570-2758 AS5570-2797 AS5570-2977 AS5570-4174 AS5570-4285 AS5570-4421 AS5570-4581 AS5570-4765)
Aspire 5580 series (AS5580-6177 AS5580-6707 AS5580-6856)
Aspire 5680 series (AS5680-6001 AS5680-6123 AS5680-6516 AS5680-6517 AS5680-6560 AS5683WLMi)
Aspire 5710 Series (5710 5710Z 5715Z)
Aspire 5720 Series (AS5720-4230 AS5720-4649 AS5720-4662 AS5720-4984 5720G 5720Z)
Aspire 5732 Series (AS5732Z-4280 AS5732Z-4598 AS5732Z-4867)
Aspire 5734 Series (AS5734Z-4386 AS5734Z-4512 AS5734Z-4725 AS5734Z-4836)
Aspire 5735 Series (AS5735-4624 AS5735-4774 AS5735-4950 AS5735-6041 AS5735-6211 AS5735-6285 AS5735-6694 AS5735-6957)
Aspire 5738 Series (AS5738Z-4111 AS5738Z-4333 AS5738Z-4574 AS5738DG-6165)
Aspire 5740 Series (AS5740-5144 AS5740-5255 S5740G-5309 AS5740-5513 AS5740-5749 AS5740-5780 AS5740-5847 AS5740-6025 AS5740-6378 AS5740G-6395 AS5740-6491 AS5740G-6979)
Aspire 5741 Series (AS5741-3541 AS5741G-5062 AS5741-5119 AS5741Z-5433 AS5741Z-5539 AS5741G-5608 AS5741-5698 AS5741-5763 AS5741-6823)
Aspire 5745 Series (AS5745-3428 AS5745-3633 AS5745-5387 AS5745-5425 AS5745-5950 AS5745-6528)
Aspire 5810 Timeline series (AS5810TZ-4274 AS5810TZ-4433 AS5810TZ-4657 AS5810TZ-4761 AS5810TZ-4784 AS5810T-8929)
Aspire 5820 TimelineX series (AS5820T-5951 AS5820T-6178)
Aspire 5920 series (AS5920-6313 AS5920-6329 AS5920-6444 AS5920-6470 AS5920-6574 AS5920-6582 AS5920-6661 AS5920-6706 AS5920-6750 AS5920-6954 AS5920-6959 5920Z)
Aspire 6920 series (AS6920-6141 AS6920-6422 AS6920-6441 AS6920-6508 AS6920-6621 AS6920-6731 AS6920-6853 AS6920-6886 AS6920-6973 6920G)
Aspire 6930 series (AS6930-6067 AS6930-6073 AS6930-6235 AS6930-6455 AS6930-6586 AS6930-6771 AS6930-6809 AS6930-6847 AS6930-6942 6930G-6723 6930G)
Aspire 7100 Series (AS7103EWSMi AS7104WSMi)
Aspire 7540 Series (AS7540-1284 AS7540-5750)
Aspire 7551 Series (AS7551-2531 AS7551-2560 AS7551-2818 AS7551-2961 AS7551-4909)
Aspire 7736 Series (AS7736Z-4088 AS7736-6948)
Aspire 7740 Series (AS7740-5029 AS7740G-6140 AS7740G-6364 AS7740G-6930)
Aspire 7741 and 7741Z Series (AS7741-5137 AS7741-5209 AS7741Z-5731 AS7741-5932)
Aspire 7745 Series (AS7745-5602 AS7745-5632)
Aspire 9400

Travelmate 220 series (TM222X TM223X TM225X TM225XC TM225XV-PRO)
Travelmate 230 series (TM230X TM230XC TM230XV TM230XV-PRO TM233LC TM233X TM233XV TM233XVi TM234LC TM234LCi)
TravelMate 5520 series (TM5520-5030 TM5520-5313 TM5520-5678 TM5520-5929 5520G)
Travelmate 250 Series (TM250 TM250P TM252ELC TM252ELCi)
Travelmate 270 series (TM270XV TM272LC TM272XV TM272XVi TM273XV)
Travelmate 290 Series (TM290LCi TM290LMi TM290X TM290XCi TM290Xi TM290XMi TM290XVi)
Travelmate 420 Series (TM422LC TM422XC TM422XV TM426LC TM426XC TM426XV TM427LC)
Travelmate 500 Series (TM505DX TM506T TM506DX TM507T TM507DX TM508DX TM508T)
Travelmate 510 Series (TM512DX TM512T TM512T-64 TM513T TM514T TM514TXV TM515TE TM517TE)
Travelmate 630 Series (TM630XV TM630XCi TM632XCi TM633LCi TM634LC TM634XCi TM636LCi)
Travelmate 650 Series (TM653LCi TM654LCi)
Travelmate 660 Series (TM661LCi TM662LMi)
Travelmate 730 Series (TM730TXV TM732TXV TM732TLV TM734TL TM734TXV TM735TLV TM736TL TM736TLV TM737TLV TM738TLV TM739TLV TM739GTLV)
Travelmate 2000 Series (TM2001LC TM2001LCi TM2001X TM2001XC TM2002LCi TM2002LMi TM2003LC TM2003LMi)
Travelmate 2300 Series (TM2301LC TM2301LCi TM2301WLCi TM2301XC TM2303LC TM2303LCi TM2303WLCi TM2304LCi TM2304WLCi)
Travelmate 2310 Series (TM2312LCi TM2312WLCi TM2312WLMi TM2313LCi TM2313WLCi)
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Travelmate 2450 Series
Travelmate 2460 Series
Travelmate 2470 Series
Travelmate 2480 Series
TravelMate 3000 3010 3020 3030 3040 3200 3210 3220 3230 3250 3260
Travelmate 3270 Series (TM3270-6569)
Travelmate 4730 Series (TM4730-6405 TM4730-6447)
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Travelmate 5530 Series (TM5530-5155 TM5530-5369)
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Travelmate 6000 Series (TM6003LMi TM6004LCi)
Travelmate 6231 Series
Travelmate 6291 Series (TM6291-6019 TM6291-6335 TM6291-6753 TM6291-6792)
Travelmate 6292 Series (TM6292-6059 TM6292-6700 TM6292-6856)
Travelmate 6492 6592 Series
Travelmate 6293 Series (TM6293-6170)
Travelmate 6493 Series (TM6493-6768 TM6493-6899)
Travelmate 6593 Series (TM6593-6585 TM6593-6639)
Travelmate 7320 7720 Series
Travelmate 8000 8100 8100A Series
Travelmate 8371 Series (TM8371-6457)
Travelmate 8471 Series (TM8471-6306 TM8471-8818)
Travelmate 8472 Series (TM8472-6012)
Travelmate 8571 Series (TM8571-6465 TM8571-8537)
Travelmate 8572 Series (TM8572-6592 TM8572-6779)

Extensa 5620 series (5620Z EX5620-4020 EX5620-4025 EX5620-4428 EX5620-6119 EX5620-6266 EX5620-6419 EX5620-6635 EX5620-6830 EX5620-6846)
Extensa 5635 series (EX5635-6897)

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