Charger Adapter and Cord for MSI GL62 6QD-408UK Gaming Laptop

19.5V 6.15A 120W AC 100V - 240V 2.2A 50-60Hz for MSI GL62 6QD-408UK Gaming Laptop Adapter Charger Power Cord Supply New 100% Slim 120W R35737

  •  Charger Adapter and Cord for MSI GL62 6QD-408UK Gaming Laptop

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Additional Information

SKU GSB322/CL20606_4
Output AC 100V - 240V 2.2A 50-60Hz
Max Output Power 120W
Type AC Adapter
Brand For MSI
Connector 5.5*2.5mm(ref to the picture)
Part Number ADP-120MH D A12-120P1A A120A010L REV:A01 UP/N:A120A007L R35737 S/N:F137081502027139
models MSI GL62 6QD-408UK Gaming Laptop
Clevo N151SC Entertainment Notebook
MSI 17.3" Gaming GE72 Apache-242 i7-5700HQ GTX 970 Laptop
MSI/ASUS/Chicony/Delta 120W 5.5*2.5MM All Series.

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Y580 2099XC7 20993FU Y580 20998PU 2099XD8 Y580 20993JU 2099XD2

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